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! Artillery & Air Phase A) If spotted target, roll for Artillery/Air Response to place new IDF templates & smoke markers [17.4] Artillery Response [Rules 17.4 & 17.4.1; H&I on 1-3 ] Firing Stand Type Success Organic Artillery 1-5 Supporting Arty. 1-3 B) Remove previous turn's IDF templates, smoke & suppression markers [17.5, 20 & Adv,] C) Resolve IDF HE attacks & place suppression markers on stands in templates [17.5 17.6 & 20] To Hit, from Equip. Chart, roll number or less in parenthesis between range & HE template size (IDF column, to right of Year) modified by: Indirect Fire To-Hit Modifiers [14.2.1, 17.6.2] Target is Pers. in: Modifier Firer Modifier Med. cover -2 Pinned -2 Hard cover -3 vs Weak AFV +1 Fortifications -5 vs All AFV -Weight If Hit, consult Hit Results Chart 4B 3rd column, at right. @ Movement Phase A) Roll for initiative, high side acts as Side A B) Side A then Side B declares Prep fire [13.1.1] & transport vehicles may return to passengers(no load/move this turn). C) Both sides resolve Prep Fire with unpinned H/HC class (see Direct Fire To Hit chart at right 4B ) & place Suppression on all targets hit or not & suppress vehicles within 12" of Pers. in cover D) Side A reveals orders & moves* (see 2 charts below); Rally Orders take effect [21.4] E) Side B: same as Side A *remove unloaded transport vehicles Orders Summary [Rules 6.1, 7.1-7.3, 21.4] Order Basic Move. Allowance Prep or Op. Fire? General Fire? Cautious Adv. ≤1x No Yes Hasty [Adv] Rd/En/Hw 1x - 2x No Yes (-2) Disengage+ 1x-2x^ No Yes(-2)* Hold None Yes Yes Take Command None No Yes(-2)* Rally /Regroup [Adv] None No Yes(-2)* + No Op Fire unless moving closer to firing enemy [7.1.3] ^ May stop in cover if out of LOS [7.1.3] * May only fire if in physical contact [7.1.3, 21.4] Terrain Movement Effects [8.1.1, 8.2-8.2.8] Terrain Type Pers. Tracked Wheeled Woods x1 x2 x4 BUA, Broken Ground, Sand x2 x2 x4 Forest, Rubble, Steep Slope, Swamp x2 P P Cliff/Escarpment P P P Creek (to cross) x2 x2 x2* River/Canal (to cross) x2* x2* x2* P= Prohibited x#=times normal movement *only at ford F) Resolve Spotting: See next 2 charts [11.5.4] Spotting, Daylight & Clear [11.5-11.5.6] Hidden Stand is: Personnel or Gun I-II* Vehicles III-VI* Concealed stationary not firing 2” @ Contact Veh. 12” Stat. in Open or Move Concealed 12” 24” Firing in conceal. 24” 36” M & F in Conceal. 36” @ 60”+ M or F in Open @ 60”+ @ 60”+ Camouflage: stands in open start Concealed if they have not moved at all & were not denied this benefit per scenario. Man-made obstacles auto-spotted unless if in cover or camouflaged, then treat as concealed vehicles [11.5.4] *Class I-II gun crews treat as Pers. & III-VI as Vehicles + = +10” for each elevation level higher [11.1] Scenario max +/- Terrain Visibility/Spotting [11.2.7] Terrain Type Visibility ...Within ...In/Out/Through Dense 2” Edge* Open Blocking Line of Sight Half Distance Fire through Open Blocking Terrain without penalty *Stand must be on Edge of Dense terrain to see/be seen # Opportunity Fire Phase A) Resolve Opportunity Fire, Direct Fire (see charts below 4B ) & Indirect (see chart at left 1A , 0 ROF only +1); place Suppression Markers [13.1.2, 17.5, 20] including vehicles within 12” of Pers. in cover B) Resolve Spotting of firing stands [11.5.2, 11.5.4] $ General Fire Phase A) Stands may change facing (no move) [10] B) Resolve remaining fire which may be Suppressed by previous IDF/Prep/OP HE fire [13.1.2, 20] Direct Fire, Rate of Fire Mod. [13.5-13.5.11] Bonuses Modifier Penalties Modifier Elite +1 Passenger* -1 Op. Fire +1 Multiple Targets -1# Human Wave +1 (CA) Pers. CA vs AFV 1 max. CA = Close Assault Bn. Gun 1 max. *No +1 Op. Fire bonus, does not include mounted cav- alry, bicycles or motorcycles # = unless in contact [16.3] Direct Fire To-Hit Modifiers [14.2.1, 17.6.2] Target + Modifier Firer Modifier Patrol [24] -1* H class vs Weak AFV +1 Pinned Pers. -1* Veteran/Elite +1 Light Cover -1* Trained/Green -1 AFV hull down or in BUA -2* Suppressed -2 Pers. in Cover: Hasty Advance -2 Medium -2 Pinned -2 Hard -3 A cls vs Strong AFV -2 Fortification -5 W class vs Weak AFV -3 + Close Assault (A) & Flame. (FL) ignore *HE(H&W) ignores H class vs All AFV -Weight Class Hit Results Chart Roll for each hit [19.1, 19.1.1-19.1.2] Target Stand's Troop Quality Rating No Effect Forced Back Eliminated * Green (all Soft) 1 2-5 6+ 10 Trained 1-2 3-6 7+ 10 Regular 1-3 4-6 7+ 10 Experienced 1-4 5-7 8+ 10 Veteran 1-5 6-7 8+ 10 Elite 1-6 7-8 9+ 10 AP* Modifiers to Hit Results Die Roll Bonuses Modifier Penalties Modifier Armor Value -AV Wpn. Pen. +/- Pen. Armor value & Weapon penetration from Equip Data Charts *A natural (unmodified) 10 for Penetration (numeric anti-ar- mor value) roll, Elimination at Close Range or at least Forced Back at other ranges. No modifiers for non-AP weapons. C) Ammo Depletion [Adv. 27.1] a natural 1 for 20mm+ To Hit roll requires a ammo depletion roll: depletes if less than or equal to the caliber/10 (drop fractions e.g. 75mm = roll of 1-7) with Modifiers: Armored Cars +1; Tanks -1; Artillery with multiple targets in template requires only 1 of dice (different color) to deplete (no depletion for H&I); Flame (no resupply after 1-3 fires): pers.-carried 1, vehicle 2, trailer 3; Following both deplete automatically - Rocket Launchers resupply only once per game and Special/Limited Ammo (like Smoke) cannot be resupplied during game (do not also roll for general ammo depletion). Stand resupplied when it ends a later turn within 6” of battalion ammo truck, pack animal or porter. D) Resolve additional spotting of firing stands % Command & Morale Phase A) Place order See order summary, at left 2E ; 6” effect radius or at head of column) & overwatch chits [6.2, 6.2.5, 7] B) Check Morale if fired upon , within 12” of enemy as below or sees friendly company eliminated; remove previous turn Pin marker if no new check or passes this turn's check [21.3.2] Morale Modifiers [14.2.2, 21.1.1, 21.2, 21.3] Stand Modifier Enemy Modifier In Cover [14.2.2] +2* Pers. within 12” & LOS -1 Each stand/vehicle Forced Back -1** AFV within 12” & LOS -2 Each stand/vehicle Eliminated -2** Air Attack within 12” -2 In Road March [Adv. 23.1.2] -2 *any stand not in LOS of a spotted enemy counts as under cover for morale Targeted by TOT Mission [Adv 28.3.1] -2 Pinned [21.3.2] -2 ** Within company checking morale that turn Shaken [21.3.3] -3 # Demoralized in contact with unpinned enemy personnel or AFV automatically elim [21.3.4] Demoralized [21.3.4] -4# Morale Results [19.1.1, 21.3.1-21.3.4] Exceed Morale Result 1-2 Pinned (no op/prep fire or move toward enemy) 3-4 Forced Back, Shaken (as pinned) 5-6 Forced Back, Demoralized (as pinned, no fire) 7+ Eliminated or Surrenders C) Occupy abandoned ground [16.7, 21.7] D) FOW pick/discard phase (3 card max.) [5] E) Declare Road March/Entrench/Banzai [Adv 23] F) Move TURN MARKER, reinforcement/game end? Command Decision: e l t t a B f o t s e T General Reference Card & Sequence of Play 5 Phases & Lettered Subphases Revised 10/27/09 (SVG version 2017-01-03) Copyright © 2006 Test of Battle Games. Permission to copy granted. Roll for weather… Modifiers, firing unit: Dedicated Battery +2 Elite/Veteran +1 Trained/Green -1 Suppressed -2 Halve distance if Spotter: Pinned and/or Suppressed, Non-Recon Vehicle only** (chart at left for Personnel or Recon Spotter otherwise) Halve twice if Pinned/Suppressed Non-Recon Vehicle! ** @ Italic text, Vehicle Spotter is not halved.